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The Idiots Went Marching One by One Hurrah!

Everyone who went to see Batman this weekend can go fuck themselves.

I am so sick of people freaking out about that at the Box Office. Freak out at home, on your own time. I am being paid to serve as many of you as possible in as short a time period as possible and you freaking out does not help that goal.

-If it was sold out, there would be a sign. If there's not a sign and I don't say anything when you order, then it's not sold out.

-Don't tell me that you saw 100 people lining up to see it and therefore there are no seats. There are nearly six hundred seats in the theatre. Chilax. Seriously.

-Who the FUCK gets to the theatre 2 hours before it opens and then bitches out every employee you see because they weren't there at 7 this morning to serve your dumb ass.

-Don't yell at me for being on the phone with another customer while you were in line and therefore being slightly slower in serving you, and then take twice as long as necessary ordering and paying because you weren't ready with your money.

-Don't call the theatre and ask "it says that Batman is sold out online, is it really?" ...Yes, it really is.

-Actually, if you can answer the question yourself online (what time is it playing, where are you located, how much is it, is it really sold out, are you open, are you playing Batman, etc) please don't call the theatre. We are busy as hell with customers who are already there and your phone call makes it very hard to serve them. Also, if I ask if you can hold, don't tell me you just have a quick question. There is no such thing. If I ask if you can hold, generally I'm in the middle of serving someone else who is already at the theatre, and you can wait. They can't. If you tell me you just have a quick question, I'm really tempted to just put you on hold and leave you there until you get bored and hang up. Don't fuck with me.

-Don't ask me if I can give you any kind of discount. The price is what it is. I don't chose what to charge you. Don't ask me if that's the matinee price, as if I'll say, OOOOH, you wanted the cheaper price? My bad. There's one price for adults during the day and another one at night, but the prices are only in the computer for the relevant time. I can't charge you the nighttime price during the day and the daytime price at night. Deal with it.

-Also, if you are over 62, under 11, or in the military, you get a discount, though the last is unofficial. There is no CountryWide discount, AAA discount, diabetes discount, height, weight, or nationality discount. So don't ask. Especially if you think you're being funny. Not only are you not funny, but all the other not-funny I've had today have made the same joke. Any joke you make about the price is not only not-funny, it was not-funny the first twelve times I heard either. So can it!

-Please don't tell me "I need three." Then when I say "What movie?", please do not repeat in a loud, slow tone, as though I am stupid, "I need THREEEEE tickets!" I know that. "For what MOVIEEEEE" asshole. It is helpful if you order "Batman, three o'clock, four adults and two kids" or whatever. Also, unless your kids are under 11, they aren't kids. Your 16 year old is not a kid. They pay an adult price. I will charge you an adult price if they look over 11. So if you have kids, please order by their ages. Then I can charge you appropriately.

-THERE IS NO FUCKING STUDENT DISCOUNT!!!!!!! There hasn't been one in over a year, probably closer to two years. You didn't get one last night or yesterday or whenever, because we haven't had it for a long time. So STOP ASKING!! and stop getting mad when we don't have it. It's not our fault you're stupid and don't pay attention.


God, the idiots were out in force this weekend.
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I finally talked to my mom today. I want to take a trip this summer: a trip across the country. I want to go up the east coast, hit all the major cities and tourist attractions, go across the top, end in Seattle or something, then go down the west coast and across Arizona back to Dallas.

The only problem is I can't get anyone to go with me. UGH! My mom seemed to think it might be a good idea, but everyone I'd like to go with is busy this summer. *sigh* There goes that dream out the window.

I feel like this summer is the last free summer I have, since I need to start getting internships and seriously building my resume next summer. So this summer is my last free summer to do what I want with and I don't want to spend it just sitting around doing nothing, working at the movie theatre. I want to do something fun, exciting, spontaneous that I've never done before. Like travel the country with a group of girlfriends.

But it's looking like that's not going to happen.
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I am so unbelievable stressed right now, I think my head will explode. I have an English test on Monday, which normally wouldn't stress me out except for two things.
1. the tests are partially essay tests and the part that isn't involved looking at four random lines of poetry and being able to identify titles and authors and considering this test covers 14 authors with about 3-4 poems each, that's a lot to remember.
2. I have an advertsing project due the same day. Also wouldn't ordinarily stress me out, again except for two things.

1. We ordinarily have a little less than two weeks to do them. Last Thursday, we were supposed to be told what she was looking for on the project, which involes cross-branding research, creating a brand, designing the packaging and an ad campaign. But she got sick on Tuesday. So the Monday kids got the details, but all the Wednesday/Thursday people had was the incredibly vague assignment sheet, so it was really hard to start the project then. The Monday kids will have had 14 days to do this project. I have 4. That is stressfull.
2. I have to get at least a B in this class in order to continue taking classes for my major, and there are so few assignments that there is zero room for screw ups. If you mess up on one assignment, it can screw over your grade completely. And I don't have enough of a cushion to screw up on this project and maintain a grade that I'm happy with.

On the plus side, I've started writing again and that makes me happy. I wrote a short (really short) story last night, which I'm convinced is crap but I think I can work with. I don't know, we'll see.

And so....back to work.
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There was a rally tonight for Bill Clinton, speaking on behalf of Hillary, obviously. The man is an amazing public speaker. He made me want to vote for her, though I really don't know enough about the other candidates to vote for her or anyone else.

It was amazing though. He's a great public speaker and a former president. Something of a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wish I could have gone to the Hillary/Barack debate that was here, but there were no tickets available for students, which sucked.

I got within two feet of getting Bill's autograph, which was awesome!! It was like being in a mosh pit, trying to get it. I'm pretty sure I'm bruised all over. My calves hurt from standing on my toes trying to see over 7,000 people. So does my lower back. But it was sooo worth it!


Sean Astin was there. I'm not really sure why, but I'm not really interested in why. It was so cool. *fangirls* I got his autograph. I had practically chase after the man to get it, but I did.

All in all, a pretty sweet night, I have to say!
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This semester has been something of a mini-messy-disaster. At least, it feels that way.

When I got here, I still had a lot to do on the stupid index (which has been downgraded from "stupid index" to "that fucking thing" over the last few days), so I haven't been getting enough sleep.

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I finally figured out what I want from my parents for Christmas.

Little late, though.

Maybe I'll get it for my birthday.

This goofball index is driving me crazy. Bruster's co-author is the most longwinded man I've ever read and the book is written for people who already have a good degree of understanding of the topic, which does not include me. So in order the make the index, i have to read the chapter first, then again, then maybe once more to really understand it, before I can start chopping it up to decide what's important.

And I think I'm overindexing it. I've already got 300+ entries and I'm not even halfway through chapter one. But I figure it's better to have too many than too few. The extras can always be taken out later. It's hard to know when to stop an index entry too, and I kind of wish that this was a cntrl-f type assignment, where I can just get a list of words and phrases and find them in the text. But it doesn't work that way. It's all a little too discretionary for me, and the idea that I might be doing it wrong freaks me out a little. Of course, the idea that this thing is going to - hopefully - get published and my name might be on it and people might actually look at and use my index freaks me out a lot. But it's kind of cool at the same time.

And really freaking tedious as well. As Inigio Montoya once said, "I hate waiting."